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Thrills and Spills

Some of these may look bad but rest assured all of these racers are completely fine. Worst injury we've had is a couple scrapes and bruises no worse than you may get tripping while you walk down the street.
Safety gear is a must in karting. All of the racers wear an approved helmet, neck brace, driving jacket, gloves, full pants free of tears & holes, and high top shoes. In addition all junior drivers also where an approved chest protector.
Coulee Go-Kart Raceway always has 2 First Responders on sight ready to help if needed more often called out just for precautionary purposes. Safety is always the first priority.




Rollovers are not a common occurrence but they do happen. This particular driver had a few scrapes on her shoulder and Dad bought her a new helmet but has no lasting effects. Believe it or not she was back racing with us the very next week and most every week thereafter. Scary incident but a true testament to all of the safety precautions and safety gear at Coulee Go-Kart Raceway.